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Bears Fumble And Bumble The Chargers to Victory

The Bears start off the season somewhere they shouldn't be, the basement of the NFC North.  Now I am not worried about the Bears they will still win this division, but I am fuming after this game.  The Bears D played like they were possessed and everybody else just kept putting them back on the field.

I am quite upset at a number of people, but one of them isn't Rex Grossman and I guess that is a good thing.

  1. Why the hell is Devin Hester fair catching punts when nobody is within 10 yards of him?  
  2. When nothing was working for the offense, why did we not try something from that Devin Hester package we keep hearing about?
  3. Why is it every time it looked like Grossman was getting into a groove, we followed it up with a string of running plays?
A lot of things went into the Bear losing this game, including the O line letting Chargers running untouched to Grossman in the first, a bad  hops on a punt and fumbles by running backs.

I think OC Ron Turner takes a bit of blame here, some of his play calling was horrible.

Again, not worried this D is going to wreak havoc, but the coaches and players on this offense had best figure out what is exactly they are trying to do.

We'll take a more detailed look at the numbers and how everybody did tomorrow.