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Derek Anderson Named Browns Starter Next Season

Bumped up from the diary section from tyger1147:

The Cleveland Browns announced that Derrek Anderson will be next season's starter. I like this because it means he'll almost certainly be available next year. He has a lot of weapons in Cleveland which I think inflated his (eventually) mediocre numbers. But, he won't even be 25 until June. If he plays well enough, and the Browns feel secure enough, they may be willing to part with Quinn for a second-round pick next year (a great deal considering you'd avoid the usual 2/3-year development curve). I think, however, it's a semi-punishment for Quinn sitting out and then signing an incentive-based contract (which are always based on playing time, not performance, btw).

Anyway, when the Bears don't take a QB in the draft this year, I'll at least be able to hold out hope that they might make the playoffs the following year.

Who knows if the Bears would have even considered going after him, but he is off the market now.