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More First Round Picks

I have decided this year to only post draft picks when they either don't go with the regular (Andre Woodson) or go past two rounds.  Here is a new batch with picks I have not seen attached to the Bears name until now.

Sam Baker, OT, USC

The Bears must hate picking here, one selection away from Andre Woodson. But they'll have to get a QB later on, because that's where the 1st rounders end. Fred Miller and John Tait are both aging quickly, and they've never been studs. Baker would've been top 10 had he declared last year, and is a franchise left tackle to protect whoever they get behind center.

Vernon Gholston, DE Ohio St

Frank Okam, DT, Texas

Note: The Bears will pick up McNabb to cure their quarterback woes and land the big defensive tackle to boost their defensive line.

Any of these names work for you?