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Monday Links

Bears hire a new
assistant defensive line coach

The Bears will hire Northwestern defensive line coach Eric Washington as a defensive line assistant coach next week, team sources said. Washington was one of several candidates brought in for interviews this week. He will work under defensive line coach Brick Haley.

This isn't saying much, but it does end with the Bears pursuing Faneca.

Chicago wide receiver Bernard Berrian, who a lot of Eagles fans seem to want, could be pursued by both Oakland and San Francisco. Berrian, a Sacramento native, has said he'd like to go back west. ... Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs, who will be one of the top players on the market, also could land in San Fran. ... Finally, Pittsburgh guard Alan Faneca, who I would like to see the Eagles go after, will be pursued by Chicago.

If Michael Turner's family has anything to say about it, he is coming home to play for Chicago.

"I can't control that stuff," Turner said. "I don't even know if the Bears would be interested. I can't afford to think about free agency right now. My focus is on the Indianapolis Colts."

That's the only answer his head can allow. It might sound different if Turner let his heart comment.

"I know he wouldn't mind coming back to Chicago because he has so much family and so many friends here and I think he's a little homesick out there," said Keith Turner, 23, Michael's younger brother.