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Berrian Really Wants To Say?

I am sure this does he/doesn't he is going to go on until he actually signs with somebody, but Berrian has said he wants to stay in Chicago.  In a recent interview he notes the Bears QB situation as a point of interest.

"I would like to know how they're going to address the quarterback situation and see about that," said Berrian, a 2004 third-round pick. "Then just what we're trying to do with the offense and what's going to be my role, if it's going to be extended or things of that nature."

Does this mean Berrian would prefer to stay if the Bears would just shore up the QB spot?  I am sure he still is out to make the big money, but perhaps he'd take the hometown discount if he knew there was a stable QB in place.

This may not bode well as outside of McNabb there really aren't any options that are going to jump out at your as far as improving that position.