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Angleo Drafting For His Job?

It is well documented, Bears GM Jerry Angelo knows how to draft defense.  He did it in Tampa Bay and he has done it here.  His success however is almost the exact opposite on the offensive side, where he has yet to draft an offensive player who since 2002 who has made a Pro Bowl.  Devin Hester has made it, but as a returner not a receiver.  Bernard Berrian may have been close.  If Angelo bombs out again on the offensive side of the ball, could it be he would finally takes the fall?  Given that Angelo refuses to promise a offensive player in the first round.

"We're going to look at offense real hard and in all likelihood, it could be [the first pick]," Angelo said. "But we're not going to pigeonhole ourselves into saying one side or the other. We won't know for sure until we know what cards are dealt.

"That's why we're down here, to see what kind of hand, potentially, we're going to have to play with."

Given his history it is fair to say there is a good chance the Bears will be looking to deal their way down the draft and stockpile picks.  Perhaps he can get a lower first round pick and another early second and hit both sides.