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Does ESPN Censor Their Writers?/ Can They?

Ok, this article is not really about censorship, but if you needed any more reason to hate on Len Pasquarelli, then this could be it.  Lenny has released his All-Pro Team.  For the most part I know what to expect, so I just scroll down to the Special Teams section to read the Devin Hester portion.  To my surprise I see this:

Josh Cribbs (Cleveland): It's always hard to choose against Chicago's Devin Hester, who already ranks as one of the great return specialists of all time. But the electrifying Cribbs led the league in kickoff return average and was in the top five in punt return average as well.

Now, I like Cribbs.  He is one hell of a return man and fun to watch, but he can't be serious.  His reasoning of Cribbs leading the league in kickoffs and punt return yards is valid if the other guy wasn't Hester.  Of course Cribbs leads the league in yards, nobody kicks to Hester.  Is he just trying to be controversial and get people to read his stuff?

If you want accurate punt and kick off yard stats, then you have to give Hester all the yards he should have got when the ball was kicked to the 40.  If he lines up on the 10 and the ball goes to the 40, then he gets at least 35 yards to his total.  Every time he scares a punter into kicking the ball 15 yards and out of bounds, he has to get that yardage.  No offense to Cribbs, but their is only one returner that is keeping coaches up at night.  Devin Hester is single handedly making coaches around the league look stupid, if they even consider putting the ball in his general direction.