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Did Bears Miss Out On Laron Landry?

Ok, this isn't really about Landry, but follow me and you'll see where I'm going with this.

If you buy into this article, the Washington Redskins will pursue Lance Briggs heavily this off season.  

If you recall last off season, the Bears and the Redskins were talking about a trade that would send Briggs to Washington for the #6 pick.  They had even worked out a contract for Briggs.  I am not positive, but I believe the hang up up was an additional player the Bears wanted that the Skins would not give up(Rocky McIntosh?).

Instead the Bears struck a deal where Briggs would play for us this year and the Bears would not franchise him the following year.

While hindsight is 20/20, signs were here that Briggs might not be back.  He says he loves Chicago, but he has also stated he wants to be the man and cannot do that with Urlacher in town.  He also wants money that the Bears don't typically pay.  On the other side Dan Snyder regularly dishes out huge contracts to players.  That isn't going to change.

Should the Bears have taken the deal?

The only semi-reasonable thing aside from working out a deal that I can think Angelo was banking on was to keep Briggs around for what many though would be a return to the Super Bowl and then let him go this year.

The #6 pick turned into LaRon Landry.