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Bears Looking For Depth, Re-sign Mike Hass

With the uncertainty of Brandon Lloyd's injury and now his back up Marty Booker missing practice, the Bears are getting all their guys back in house.  The Bears have resigned Mike Hass to the practice squad.

The status of Brandon Lloyd's injured knee won't be known until today, but it can't be an enouraging sign that wide receiver Mike Hass was signed to the practice squad Tuesday. Hass was on the active roster last year after spending 2006 on the practice squad. He appeared in one game last season. He knows the system and will be able to practice, but presumably the evaluation on his long-term potential was made when he didn't make the team.

Obviously this is just a precaution and the Bears are not planning on bringing him up, but if anymore receivers get hurt and cannot go, having a guy who is familiar with the offense is a luxury.