Have A Little Faith

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Alright Bears fans -- I know we are all feeling a little down after this past weekends loss, myself included. It was a crazy game that we had no business winning, then should have won, then somehow found a way to lose. It was the kind of game that makes you appreciate the game of football (at least if it were any other team than the Bears being on the losing end). But the past is the past, and I have faith that this team can dust themselves off and get it up for a huge divisional game against the Vikings this weekend.

Look at the situation we are in, we're 3-3 and could easily be 6-0. I know people say that all the time, but if this team would have played for a full 60 minutes each week, we really could be undefeated at this point. We can point the finger of blame at the defense giving up in the 4th Quarter of the Carolina game, Charles Tillman getting called for a ridiculous penalty in OT against the Bucs, or a poor coaching decision to squib kick at the end of the Falcons game -- but ultimately, we can not blame a single person, you win as a team and you lose as a team, but this team (at times) has shown a lot of maturity and I believe that if they can come out with a victory this weekend against the Vikes and circle their wagons during the bye -- the Bears could easily finish 10-6 and atop of the NFC North.

We have seen this year that the entire league is wide open -- there really are no underdogs anymore. The Giants look like a powerhouse, then get slammed by the Browns last night. The Redskins look like an elite team - then get beat AT HOME by the lowly Rams, The Cowboys are the "team to beat" - then they lose in OT on a blocked punt to the Cardinals, Romo is gone for a month, Felix is out a couple of weeks, their punter has a broken foot, and suddenly they don't look so impressive anymore. Same goes for the AFC -- no one is truly dominating and this is the first time in a long time that we are seeing every week have playoff significance.

The Bears are 3-3, it doesn't sound too good, but 3-3 is first place in the division right now, and the division is still theirs to lose. Kyle Orton is coming into his own, Forte is looking like a franchise RB, Hester is developing into a true WR (even though I miss the return game on special teams), and the defense has the talent, they just need to pull it together and get everyone on the same page.

The Bears face the Vikings this weekend, while the Packers face a Colts team that seems to be pulling it together and SHOULD be able to go into Green Bay and get a win. Next Monday, I expect all of us to be talking about how, even through all the tough losses this year (already), the Bears have somehow managed to pull it all together and will have sole possesion of first place in the NFC North.


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