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Schedule Set For Bears To Succeed

Currently the Bears are tied with both the  Green Bay Packers and  Minnesota Vikings for first in the NFC North.   With the NFC East currently a who's who of WTF it is possible that with some consistent play all the wlld cards won't come from that division.  That said we have to play like the only way to get in is to win ours.  Looking at the schedule no team of the three is setup better to make a run to the playoffs.

The Bears' remaining 10 opponents have a combined 25-31 record, and the only team left on the schedule currently above .500 is Tennessee. And the Titans have to come to Soldier Field on Nov. 9. That's one of six home games left for the Bears—the most of the three first-place teams.

This is good news and all, but I don't think the Bears mistakes and miscues have anything to do with the stadium they play in.  As we have mentioned this is potentially a 6-0, but at least a 5-1 team had it not been for boneheaded moves on the teams part.  They have played well enough to pull out victories in all the 3 losses, they just didn't close the deal.

Other News and Notes:

Considering the Vikings game a must win, the Bears are breaking outt the alternate orange jerseys.

This article makes him out to be some sort of underrated player of the year and we've seen him  prove this year he isn't that, but I suppose we can give John St. Clair a little credit.  He did have a good game against John Abraham.

As first posted by Edicus2288i, the Bears have signed Zackary Bowman.  He was given a 4-year deal.

Suspended Bear Tearrance Metcalf says he did not sure steroids.  He says he doesn't know what he did to get tagged, but diuretic was found in his body.  That chemical is a known steroids masking drug.

The Bears have signed wide receiver John Broussard from San Jose State to the practice squad.