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Minnesota Vikings VS. Chicago Bears - Game Preview

Disclaimer: The two previews that I have done thus far (TB and Atlanta) ended in Bears losses. I made WCG aware of this, but he’s too busy this weekend to get a preview set to go. So, I’m filling in this weekend, and if we lose, just remember who jinxed us.

Us vs. Them – Defense

The Vikings have been winning on the arm of Gus Frerotte and the legs of AP and Bernard Berrian. AP has impressive but not spectacular stats thus far (563 yards on 129 carries with 3 TD’s and 3 lost fumbles). Bernard Berrian flew off to greener pastures during the offseason to get away from QB shakeups, and he has 436 yards on 22 receptions with 2 TD’s. Frerotte has been consistently throwing in the 200’s for the past four games, but he only has 3 TD’s with 3 INT’s. Two other WR’s names you’ll most likely see on Sunday: Bobby Wade (25 receptions for 287) and Visanthe Shiancoe (13 receptions for 155).

Unfortunately, it looks like the same deal as last week, except we have a little more history with this team: Contain AP and make Frerotte beat us. If our defense is as vanilla as they were against the Falcons, it really won’t matter what we do. It doesn’t help that our secondary is horribly banged up.

Us vs. Them – Offense

Minnesota’s defense, while not living up to their preseason hype, is not a bad squad. Their secondary is pretty mediocre, which is about their only weaknesses. To win, we have to establish the run successfully and set Orton up for play-action. Note to Ron Turner: Please use the tight ends, drop every play that gives McKie the ball, and shake the 'norm' up every once in a while. A no-huddle offensive series wouldn’t be a bad idea against this squad.

Final word

I don’t know what to think about this game, because it really depends on which team shows up this weekend. I’m not as much worried about the offense as I am the defense (which is the first time I’ve ever thought that about this team). My major concern is our injury-riddled secondary. I don’t know what Babich is going to do to mask those problems.

We absolutely need to stop AP, and our defensive “effort” last Sunday really concerned me. I hate to do this, but I’m taking a page out of the Tribune writers’ book and calling a Vikings win.

Vikings 24, Bears 17