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Bears Stay On Top Of Division, Beat Vikings 48-41

When the FOX cameras focused on a couple of young ladies sporting their Devin Hester jerseys, it wasn't just the typical "Hey, look guys.  There are girls here" shot that they love showing.  I think this was Lovie asking FOX to keep an eye out for some able bodies to put out in the secondary's.  When the girls busted out their best Hulk Hogan poses, Lovie saw potential and kept their seat numbers on hand.

At half time of this game during the half time show, Howie Long said if it wasn't for miscues Minnesota was in control of this game.  I am assuming he forgot the TD passes missed by Bears receivers.   Then once the second half began and the Bears defense decided to join the game, Minnesota wasn't in control of a thing.


Kyle Orton once again proved he is an NFL QB and more than a game manager.  In fact you could say he is one of the better QBs in the conference.  He finished the game with 283 yards and 2TDs.  He could have had at least 4 TDs as Booker dropped 2 in the End Zone and Desmond Clark fumbled on the 1 yard line.  Orton controlled this game.

Minnesota has one of the better pass rushes in the game.  The got to Orton for 2 sacks and one forced fumble, but overall the Bears offensive line kept Orton upright and he had enough time to make his throws.

Looking at the box scores again it looks like Matt Forte didn't have a great day, but again that would be the problem with looking at just the box score.  Late in the game Forte picked up a number of first downs for the Bears.  He tallied 56 yards rushing and a TD.

Brandon Lloyd did not play again and Devin Hester left the game with a quad injury, but the Bears still were able to keep the ball moving through the air.  Greg Olsen led the team with 6 catches for 74 yards and a TD.  Marty Booker despite his two missed TD passes did his best to make up for it with 3 catches 79 yards including a 51 yard TD.



When this game ended the Bears were starting a #4 CB and a guy off the practice squad, so to some extent you have to forgive the defense for giving up as many yards and catches as they did.  That said every young guy on this team made a play.  Kevin Payne, Zackary Bowman, Corey Graham and Trumaine McBride all had INTs in this game.  Payne still is making some mistakes, but he is turning into a solid safety for us.  Brown also had some big stops, but more and more it is looking like he is a bit lost back there.

The Bears run defense gave up 100 yards rushing for the first time this season.  I'm not too upset about this.  If you take away Peterson's 54 yard TD run he only pulled in 67 yards the rest of the game.  So only once did they let AP get away from them.  He did have another TD, but that was a score from the 1 yard line and he got in on his thrid effort.

The Bears did not get pressure on Gus Ferrotte for most of the game, but they did get to him late when it counted.  Tommie Harris has seemed invisible for most of the season, but he reminded people why he got the contract in the off season with some great play late in the 4th quarter, including a sack on the Vikings last drive.


The special teams in this game were the difference makers.  Minnesota's offense matched anything the Bears offense did, but the Bears special teams made plays.  They blocked a punt that Garrett Wolfe ran in for a TD and Zackary Bowman recovered a TD off of a kick off that bounced off of a Vikings player.

Brad Maynard had 4 punts for a nice average of 48.3 yards per.  Robbie Gould went 2/3 on FGS with one blocked.  Even Roberto Garza got into it kicking an extra point.

The return game was limited. Hester was out of the game half way through.