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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Vikings VS. Bears

Hard to imagine that on a day the Bears score more points than they have since 86 and the most they have against the Vikings since the first game these two black and blue clubs ever played I'd be having much bad and ugly to say, then off course you look on the other side of the box score and there it all is.



This stat may make you feel like you've been smoking something, but I assure you if you take it easy and have a sip of water it will be alright.  If you actually have been smoking something just picture this stats with some cool flying dragons or pretty pink faries or whatever it is that you see when you are stoned out of you head.


Another stat that may cause a Ted Washington size tumor in your brain.  Kyle Orton currently has a 91.4 QB rating.  Unimaginable for a Bears QB.  If you factor out the first two games he would be around a 100.5 rating.    Again if you factor out the first two games, and I know that is selective stating, no QB in the league has thrown more TD passes than Orton (about 3 are tied for 10).

Why don't we keep this a Neckbeard heavy Good section?


Even though the Vikings threw for 298 yards, the anti-Who's Who secondary that the  Bears fielded hung tough.  All 4 subs (Graham, McBride,  Bowman and Payne) had INTs.  They kept the Vikings recievers in front of them for the majority of the game.

Former Bears linebacker and my favorite Bear of all time, Mike Singletary is getting his shot as the BMOC over in San Fran.  With the firing of Mike Nolan, they are  promoting Singletary to head coach.  He has been a hot prospect the last two years and would almost assuredly pick up a job this off season, so the 49ers need to see what they have.  It is only a shame that it couldn't have happend here.



A few weeks ago I called out the Bears run game for lack of production.  While I don't questions Matt Forte's importance and timely great play, the run game has not looked so good.  Yes, I know the other team has been focusing on them, but they still need to a bit better.  Forte has not had an over 100 yard game since the first game of the season.  Come colder weather and the playoffs when things traditionally get tougher they need to be able to  move the ball on the ground.

The Bears defense was horrible.  Yes, they are playing short  manned in the back, but all of the Bears high priced players are on the line or on the LB squad.  That is when these guys are supposed to step up.  Tommie Harris finally came through at the end, but he was nowhere for most of the game.  Only Alex Brown really seemed to be a factor.


The Bears secondary.  And I only mean that they are currently operating a MASH unit out there.  Mike Brown who has been more like a character from Unbreakable than he has like the Pro Bowl safety we know he can be has been our only healthy guy back there and he is starting to look at bit lost and slow.  Hopefully the BYE week brings Lovie and Babich sweet dreams of healthy Tillmans dancing through their heads.

Gus Ferotte.  With the exception of one of the most bone headed plays and I mean that quite literally in the history of the NFL, is a quality QB.  His numbers and win totals bear him out as a more than servicable QB.  With the experience or lack thereof that the Bears had in the secondary there is not way he should have served up 4 INTs.

Bears miscues.  This is aimed at only Marty Booker and Desmond Clark.  Early in this game Booker came down with a case of Todd Pinkston hands and muffed two TD passes.  Later he made up for it, but there is still no excuse for it.  Desmond Clark came down with his own illness a mild case of Pre High and  Tight Tiki Barberitis and fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line.  He was lucky that Bear on the Spot Rashied Davis was there to pick up the ball and get the TD.