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Should the Bears use the Wildcat?

The Wildcat formation is a scheme that is the current drug of choice in the NFL. Since Miami used it versus the New England Patriots and it resulted in 4 TDs, many teams including Cleveland, Oakland, Jacksonville and Atlanta have used it.

With the Bears offense picking up steam and a bye week on the horizon, some are wondering it the Bears have any thoughts about practicing the Wildcat. The answer is yes...kinda.

'We have played around with some of it,'' offensive coordinator Ron Turner said. ''We actually did some things last year in practice and in training camp this year that we haven't gotten to yet. You have to find ways to get your playmakers the ball. It's something we'll explore as our offense evolves.''

And while most players are for it as to be expected:

''I would love to do that,'' said Devin Hester, the man most likely to get a direct snap in the Bears' offense. ''Oh, yeah. It's a great scheme. It seems like it is working for a lot of teams. ... I hope we get it in a game.''

Kyle Orton sees it from a different angle:

'We did it [in training camp] and put him out there, and he's not real thrilled when he breaks the huddle and lines up for that reason,'' Turner said. ''I told him to just run out of bounds. And he did.''

We have all begged for Ron Turner to show some creativity and to some extent he has. When he set the no huddle free on Kyle Orton it has potentially been the most important move he made this season. I have no problem with the Bears using the Wildcat so long as it is done properly. Don't run it just to run it. There is a time and place for everything. The Dolphins scored 4 TDs using it, because they surprised the Patriots with it. The Pats didn't know how to guard it. Since then it hasn't been as effective. It is like any other formation. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I have to agree with Orton on this one. Our offense is scoring at a very good pace. Orton is arguably our best or at least most important player right now. Our sucess is hanging on his arm. Let's not get fancy and get him hurt. If you are going to put him on the field and just have him run out of bounds then don't put him on the field. As the article says Marty Booker has a strong arm. Can't we substitute him in for anything Orton would do? In the end wouldn't that add another element of surprise? If the other team doesn't see the QB split out wide, they may not assume that the ball will come back to that side for a pass play. That could open things up.

Cast your vote and let me know what you think about the Wildcat in general.