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Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark, Key to Bears Offense

This type of post seems to change each week.  At first the key to the Bears offense was keeping it off the field.  Then the key was Matt Forte.  Then we started trumpeting Brandon Lloyd's performance.  Most recently we talked about the Bears fate resting on Kyle Orton's arm.  Here are some useful  numbers that show where Orton is most comfortable.  A large portion of Orton's success has come out of the two TE set.  Not only because he throws to Clark and Orton a lot, but because they demand a defense to address them.

When throwing with two tight ends on the field, Orton is 29-for-44 for 371 yards with four touchdowns and one interception. His passer rating is 113 and he's averaging 8.4 yards per attempt, both well above his overall numbers.

That is not to say that the TE duo are't doing there part.

If the running game is a quarterback's best friend, then Clark and Olsen are Orton's good buddies. Only the Dallas Cowboys, with perennial Pro Bowler Jason Witten, have generated more passing yardage from their tight ends.

There really is nothing surprising here.  If you are operating with an inexperienced and/or unproven wide receiver corp and you have two above average TEs, you use them.  Greg Olsen has to be treated as an extra wide receiver when on the field due to his ability to stretch the field.  Defenses are forced to cover the two with safties and linebackers and Clark and Olsen are going to win those battles a majority of the time.