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Bears Staff and Linemen Battling The Bulge

There is an interesting debate currently running around the NFL concerning the weight of offensive linemen.  With defensive players getting faster by the year, these giant mammoths of offensive linement find themselves to heavy to keep up.

It seems Lovie Smith sides with the less is more theory:

"Weight is one of the most overrated things there is," Smith said, shaking his head. "Bulk slows you down. It's dead weight sometimes."

The size of defensive players has stayed relatively the same, but the size of the offensive linemen continue to go up.

Mark Anderson, Alex Brown and Ogunleye each are approximately 255 pounds—lighter than the playing weights of Bears greats Richard Dent, Dan Hampton and Doug Atkins.

There are those that disagree with Smith even on his own team.  Ogunleye has this opinion:

"What happens is if you lose that bulk and you have a guy who is just as strong as the offensive lineman, then I'm going to turn to power," he said. "The only benefit now is to be as big as you can be, and the rules they have now favor the offensive linemen."

At this point, I don't care whether our guys are bigger or smaller, so long as they protect our new golden arm.