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Bears News and Notes - 10/27/08

*** With first round pick Chris Williams almost ready to go, the Bears are faced with a  decision.  Do they put him in and start developing him, but risk upsetting the balance or do they start grooming him to be the left tackle of the future.

The first step will be for Williams, the 14th overall pick, to be in uniform on game day. That could happen Sunday against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field, and a big second-half lead might present the perfect opportunity for his debut. While the two practices last week were brief, Williams was on the field late with line coach Harry Hiestand both afternoons.

*** Kyle Orton impressing with how he seemingly out of nowhere matrued into a NFL caliber QB.

"He's just matured," Turner said. "He came in here prepared and was a good player as a rookie. Obviously, he's a much better player now because of reps and maturity, and he's in the best physical shape of his life. His weight's down, and his confidence is way up."

*** Alex Brown promises the defense will return to form.

''I'm going to say it's us,'' Brown said. ''We put a lot of pressure on ourselves because we feel we're a veteran group and we know what we're doing, so we expect a lot. We expect a lot from each other, and we expect to go out and perform well. And we haven't been doing that.

''We've got to get to the quarterback, and we haven't been. I think we've been getting pressure, but it's hard to get pressure on a three-step drop and it's hard to get pressure when they're in maximum protection. But that's our job; that's what we're supposed to do.

''So it all works hand-in-hand. The [defensive backs] help us out just like we help them out. But if we can get pressure on the quarterback, it makes their job a lot easier.''