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Do the Bears start or sit Chris Williams?

This is one of the hot topics after our bye week. Our first round OT is supposedly ready to play after his back injury. So, do the Bears play or sit him?

The Pros to playing him:

- This one’s obvious. We drafted Williams to be our future left tackle, so even though he’s green, he’d get some valuable game experience that would pay huge dividends next year. He wouldn’t have the ‘rookie shock’ during training camp next year, which means he could focus on the fundamentals and getting ready for the season

- We could see earlier if his back injury is something that will be reoccurring or was a fluke during training camp. In other words, if he’s going to be continually injured, we could cut our losses earlier and find someone who can be our franchise OT.

The Cons to playing him:

- Our offensive line, which has played above and beyond the wildest expectations this year, does have some cohesion.

John St.
Clair has done a decent job of holding down the fort for Williams. While everyone will have a varying opinion on the impact of Williams on the OL, there is no doubt he will, in some way, affect the cohesion.

- Williams is green, and the Bears are trying to win the NFC North. Do we really trust a rookie with taking over a crucial OL spot during a playoff run?