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Orton Spreads The Wealth and FBI Honors Rashied Davis

*** Continuing the look at QB Kyle Orton as the lynch pin of this offense, this article talks about the Bears success on offense in part due to nobody wanting to be a superstar.  i don't know if that is true, but it does show a big reason why the Bears offense is improving and that is Orton's ability to spread the ball around.

Orton has done a remarkable job of spreading the wealth in the first seven games, getting at least 200 receiving yards from Greg Olsen (296), Rashied Davis (254), Brandon Lloyd (249), Matt Forte (223), Devin Hester (215) and Desmond Clark (205). And Marty Booker (183) is close.

*** In other news, the Chicago FBI is honoring Bears receiver Rashied Davis for his contribution to the effort to make the process of finding missing kids easier.

Davis, who's played with the Bears since 2006, paid for 7,500 children ID kits that will be distributed throughout the Chicago area.

The kits let parents take their children's fingerprints and DNA samples. The idea is to hold the samples, along with the child's picture, and turn over the kit to authorities if a child ever goes missing.