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The Quotable Bears (Week Five)


It was a real rough weekend for all of the Lions, not just Orlovsky. Kyle Orton threw for over 300 yards. The fact that a Bears QB did that makes me feel as though I'm rooting for the wrong team or something bad happened, because this doesn't seem like the Bears I know and love.

Roll call: halfblindcubbiegirl dominated everyone on the game threads with 119 posts. Yours truly came in second with 57, followed by beardown (45), mike b (38), tempchad (31), and torch (24) rounding out the top spots.

Anyways, onto the usuals.

Lovie on the game:

"From the first drive, shutting them down and making them punt, really kind of got it started for the day. The defensive line put pressure on the quarterbacks all day. We were able to shut down their run and just make plays. It's the best we've played as a team. This is the best we've played as a team. We talk about starting fast and finishing strong. This week some things came together for us. I think we had control most of the game. I thought we had the momentum from start to finish. Today we just really talked about what we did as much as anything and the effort that we had. There's a lot of football left to go. But that's our goal: getting on top of the division and staying there."

Lovie on Booker's catch:

"He has gloves for hands."

Turner on Orton:

"I think he's playing with a lot of confidence right now and throwing the ball better than he has any time since I've been around him. He's just reading things and throwing the ball with a lot of confidence. No question when your quarterback is throwing well, you have a lot of confidence in him. And if the guy is making plays, it definitely opens things up. Right now, with the way he's playing, we'll call whatever we think we need to call."

Orton on whether he enjoys playing the Lions:

"Yeah, I do for some reason."

Orton on Booker's catch:

"I saw the flag go down and we got the pass interference. Then he said, 'I caught it.' I was like, 'I don't know about that.' I looked up and saw the replay and it was an unbelievable catch."

Forte on his lunge for a TD:

"Oh, yeah, I was in. You can look at the replay. I jumped, and my knee wasn't down when the point of the ball crossed. It was a good effort by myself. I just thank God for the opportunity."

Greg Olsen on Orton's performance:

"He probably had one of his best games ever, with the way he managed the offense and kept us in rhythm the whole game. He was on point, whether it was deep throws or throws in coverage he had to squeeze in there."

Hester on the WR's performance:

"We're a running team, but any time we could be called upon [we're] ready. If they call a receiver's name, you go out to get the job done. I feel like an athlete."

Rashied Davis on the game:

"They made a big effort to come up and stop the run and not let Matt [Forte] or Kevin [Jones] do anything. For us to go out and make plays in the passing game shows that we're not a one-dimensional team. Although we are a running team-we get off the bus running-we can pass the ball. If you're going to try to come up and stop the run, you've got to stop us too."

Mike Brown on being on top of the NFC North:

"If we stay there, we get to the playoffs. If we don't, it's going to be a battle. Our goal is to stay there."

Tillman on the defense:

"You see what happens when we play great, but I still think there's room for improvement. The sky's the limit, and we haven't reached that sky yet."

Tillman on his INT:

"It was just a bad throw, [Williams] tipped it, I caught it and I went into the end zone. It was pretty simple."

Dvoracek on the defense:

"We've started [strong] in a lot of games, but the thing that was so good about today was we played well for all four quarters. Everybody did their job all day and we played well."

Alex Brown on the absence of Tommie Harris:

"I wouldn't go that far. You don't find a guy with Tommie's ability every day. You can't just walk down the street and get it. We have guys that are capable of handling the job. To not have Tommie, that's big. We'd love to have him. ... When [other guys] get their numbers called, you're supposed to step up."

Roy Williams on the game:

"I'm very frustrated. We're an 0-4 ballclub, but we aren't an 0-4 ballclub in my eyes. We're better than that."

Quotables from the WCG Game Thread:

"Games you're ‘supposed' to win scare the s*** outta me" - halfblindcubbiegirl

"Good Lord it is silent in there" - torch

"This Forte kid is kind of good at football" - thecubreporter

"MendenWHO?" - tempchad

"I don't trust Lovie's ‘pretty sure I'm right' meter" - mike b

"When did Hester learn to play WR?" - big_lowitzki

"I thought this team came off the bus running?" - beardown

"Phew...I needed a game like this today..." - Chanman25

"Nice celebration. You're still down 27..." - torch

"Still a lot of time left. My faith isn't quite up to calling anything a win yet" - halfblindcubbiegirl

"Orton drives a Prius and recycles. F*** him" - tempchad (Quote of the Week)

"How to tell it's a blowout: puns about RB's last name and recycling stories" - halfblindcubbiegirl

"Hahaha. That was a great assist on the tackle" - Scott Sox