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Grading The Bears

For the most part everybody played great, but there were some places that could have stood some improvement.

Quarterback: A

Kyle Orton had a career game, but not a defining one. His 121.4 rating is lower than the average allowed by the Lions' NFL-worst defense (122.1).


Running backs: C

Matt Forte's rushing yards (36 on 15 carries) declined for the fourth straight week -- against a team allowing an NFL-worst 5.6 yards per rush.


Receivers: A

For the first time, Devin Hester looked like a receiver who also returns kicks. Marty Booker had the play of the day with a one-handed catch for 30 yards.


Other News and Notes:

Early preview of next week's match up with Atlanta.

Bears corner Lions wideouts.  (I'd have to do some checking, but hasn't everytime Roy Williams opened his mouth before a game the Lions lost and he had something to do with it?)

Booker beats the Lions one-handed.

Receivers pick up the slack for Lloyd.

Mike Brown enjoys full day of work.

Kyle's Bears fly first class.

Angelo believes Harris will return strong.