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Don't Sell Kyle Orton Short

Now that the Cubs are out of it all eyes shift toward the Bears.  Not surprisingly the conversation centers on the Bears QB situation.  Surprisingly however it isn't a bad conversation.  And following his performance versus the Detroit Lions everybody is trying to figure out what exactly the Bears have.

It is true and definitely needs to be pointed out that Orton's best game as a pro came against the Detroit Lions, a team that in 3 games Orton has posted a 105.5 rating.  But one wouldn't be giving  Orton his due to not point out what he has accomplished.  The Bears have been relying on the pass game much more in the last few games now that everybody is stacking the line against the run.  And by and large Orton has delivered.  Yes he still misses the long ball twice a game, but he is making big throws on a regular basis now.

In each of the past two weeks, Orton's arm has given the Bears an early lead -- by design. He threw three touchdowns in the first half of a 24-20 victory over Philadelphia, flawlessly executing a no-huddle offense to catch the Eagles' blitzing defense by surprise. And after feeling out the Lions on their first possession, the Bears called on Orton to throw on 31 of their next 54 plays en route to establishing a 31-0 lead.

Ron Turner is clicking his heels with glee, he now no longer has to hold back on his play calling and is trying to shed the rep that he is a bad and boring offensive coordinator (that is a different post).