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Bears News and Notes - 10/09/08

*** Garrett Wolfe is using an example set by Michael Turner, that he has to wait his turn.

"Michael dealt with the same thing I'm dealing with now," Wolfe said. "He played spot duty and on special teams. Then he got his opportunity. I just want to make the biggest impact I can whatever way I can."

*** The Bears have been stout against the run, so the key to this game could be how uncomfortable they can make rookie QB Matt Ryan.

Defenses that create a mess in the pocket have tended to make the Falcons rookie look disheveled. But those that allowed Ryan to get clean drops and crisp throws have paid dearly.

The Bears can make no adjustments against the NFL's leading rusher, Michael Turner, and risk him gashing their Cover-2 defense while setting up the play-action passing game for Ryan.

Or they can crowd the line of scrimmage with hard-nosed strong safety Kevin Payne, force the Falcons out of running plays and dare Ryan to beat them.

*** Brandon Lloyd, Anthony Adams and Nick Roach were all held out of practice on Wednesday.  Tommie Harris, Nathan Vashar and Chris Williams all practiced on a limited basis.