An Update on Kyle Orton

"It was my decision if I was going to play or not, and I didn't feel like I could be out there," said Orton, who dressed as the emergency No. 3 quarterback and stood on the sidelines observing the 21-14 loss to the Titans. "Coach (Lovie Smith) gave me up until (Sunday) morning to decide, and he said the decision was mine. I just didn't feel like I could help in any way.

"If I feel like I can help next week, I'll definitely be out there."

"I feel like I have a great chance," he said. "I'm pretty happy with where I am at right now compared to a week ago. It hurts when you put pressure on it. Hopefully we'll just continue to make the same amount of improvement this week."

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I really hope he continues to improve and is ready to go against GB.
I just worry cuz GB likes to blitz a lot and they take a lot of  cheap shots.
I wouldn' t be shocked in an D-Line man rolled into Orton's ankle on accident.

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