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Bears News And Notes - 11/11/2008

*** Kyle Orton believes there is a good chance he will play next week's game against the Green Bay Packers.

Coach Lovie Smith was asked if Orton would've been his man against the Titans if he had said he was ready.

''Well, a lot of ifs and what-ifs, right?'' he said. ''I try not to deal with a lot of those. I can't wait until we get to the day where Kyle tells me he's ready to go and we can let him go.

''We won't let a player go unless the medical staff has cleared him and he feels good about playing. That's normally how I determine it.''

*** For his vote, Coach Lovie Smith does not believe the defensive scheme is the problem.

''No players are questioning our scheme, and we're not going to change up the scheme,'' Smith said, scoffing at the suggestion that there were cracks in unity after the loss. ''They're football players; that's what we're going to play. They know that. They all have confidence in the scheme. You're disappointed when you don't play well, but none of our players is questioning our scheme.

Either way this fact remains and Lovie needs to fix it:

Tennessee's Kerry Collins became the fifth quarterback to pass for a season high in yards Sunday in the Titans' 21-14 victory at Soldier Field.

*** Brandon Lloyd is hoping to return to action this week.