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Fixing the Bears Defense

We are nearing saturation on trying to figure out where and whose fault our pass defenses perforamnce is, but here is an article that attempt to fix it.

1Stop stacking the linebackers at the line of scrimmage so much to fake blitz.

The tactic has outlived its usefulness, and it isn't working. If having Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs dance at the line of scrimmage and fake blitz has resulted in quarterbacks checking out of runs into short passes, then it's not worth it. They're inviting passes into spots they can't cover. Putting Urlacher and Briggs at the line makes it harder for them to drop into coverage zones if they aren't blitzing. And they're not blitzing effectively enough to keep doing it anyway.

The Bears D has their full arsenal of players back, so they can no longer use that as an excuse.  If the scheme and the players do not match up then either change the scheme or change the players. 

The Bears have something going on offense.  Orton and Forte look to be the real deal.  With some line help and a big time receiver, the Bears could have a offense that can contend.  I'd hate to see that go to waste with a D that is falling apart.  You would think the Bears have learned their lesson, the Bears have been here before just the other way around.  The good thing here is that we know Angelo can draft defense.