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Brandon Lloyd Coming Back...Not So Fast!

There may be a little something brewing up at Halas Hall.  Apparently when Bears receiver Brandon Lloyd went down with an injury he made a statement to the effect of "I'm not playing again until I'm 100%'.  Some might see it as an act of self preservation, but in the game of football if you can play, you play.  Now that he says he is ready to come back Bears management has told him no thanks.

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner denies Lloyd was being punished or ignored despite being healthy, saying simply that the player couldn't go, and that's why he wasn't on the active roster. Lloyd insists there was no punitive element when he was advised to take another game off in the locker room before the game. But people talk, and what they say is Lloyd should've been ready to play a couple of games ago, and his slow healing act led the team to give him more time off.

A source said the Bears did the same thing earlier in the season with Tommie Harris, a week before they finally suspended him for turning up to scheduled rehabilitation appointments when he felt like it. Was it all really a motivational ploy? Whether he just needed time off for his sore knee or a kick in the backside, Harris has responded pretty well.

Brandon Lloyd did not come to the Bears with high expectations.  He was considered league wide to be an underachiever and a guy that did not put the time in, so it was low risk for the Bears to sign him to a 1-year deal.  Prior to his injury Lloyd was playing well and looked like he might become the Bears best receiver.