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Cover 2 Not To Blame For Urlacher's Woes

Brian Urlacher

#54 / Linebacker / Chicago Bears



May 25, 1978

New Mexico

We and most everybody else have been quick to blame the Cover-2 Scheme for the problems with the Bears defense and that still could be true, but MLB Brian Urlacher says it has nothing to do with his play.

"Brian hasn't made as many plays so far this year as he has in the past," Bears coach Lovie Smith acknowledged during a conference call with Wisconsin reporters Wednesday. "(But) that's the beauty about having so much football to go. We've been disappointed with some things we've done defensively, but at the same time we're pleased with some of the things we've done. Brian has been a part of that. I'm hoping he'll, along with the rest of us, pick it up a little this week."

Urlacher, who battled through back problems last year, said his health isn't an issue, and he also passed up a chance to blame Smith's Tampa-2 defense, which drops him into coverage fairly often, for limiting his opportunities to make plays.

"I mean, I won (NFL) Defensive Player of the Year in this scheme (in 2005), so I must've been doing something right," Urlacher said. "Just getting myself in more positions to make plays, that's what it comes down to. It has nothing to do with the scheme or the calls."

The bonus is that Lance Briggs has picked up his play, but there is not doubt for us to have a chance is if everybody on this D steps up their game and that starts with the team captain.