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Bears Implode, Embarrassed By Packers 37-3

After half time I started to dread writing this post, because of what I would have to write, but I guess it comes with the gig.

The Chicago Bears had no business being on the field with the Green Bay Packers today.  They were outplayed, outcoached, outhustled and out right dominated.  In looking at this game I am not going to mention any numbers, because it will just hurt too much.


Early in the game Troy Aikman made an observation that the reason why the Bears were so good against the run was because they used a lot of 8 man fronts.  In this game they were trying something different in an effort to help out their secondary.  The problem was the pass coverage didn't get any better, so why not switch back and at least stop the run?

Where hear it every week, there is a soft spot in the middle of the Bears pass defense.  Ok, I can buy that, but the Packers were catching passes in the middle, the outside, the inside, down field, up field, downstream, in the doghouse, under the porch, in the cheerleader's locker room, in the parking lot, under the blouse of those two cute snow bunnies FOX's camera crew kept focusing on and up in the press box.  So if the middle is our soft spot, where exactly are the good spots?  Where is it bad to throw against this pass D? 

There is a famous saying both because soon to be ex-President George Bush mangled it and because..well it is famous.  It goes full me once shame on  you, full me twice shame on me.

A few weeks ago Nathan Vasher made a statement that everybody knew how they were going to cover on & goal situations.  He said teams knew they were covering outside and could be beaten by slanting to the inside.  That game Vasher got beat for a TD when the receiver slanted inside.  So prior to this game, Greg Jennings made a comment that he had been watching game tape and could not believe what he was seeing.  He almost had to stop because it hurt to watch.   So what happened on the first TD of this game?  Graham got beat when the receiver cut inside.  When the opposing team is telling you that they see our weakness and that they are going to take advantage of, wouldn't you change it?  We have two 6 foot corners, why aren't we hammering guys off the line?

There were a lot of missed opportunities in this game and by opportunities I mean tackles.  Ryan Grant busted at least 2 tackles on almost every run.  Bears defenders were bouncing off of him all game.  Grant isn't Ironhead Heyward or The Nigerian Nightmare over here.

Awkward Feeling

Maybe it is just me, but doesn't it seem that every game in which it is power against power, we lose the battle?  Everytime a team comes not being able to stop the pass rush, they stuff us.  Everytime a team comes in and can't stop the run, they stop us.  Everytime a team comes in not able to run the ball, they run up and down us?  And that isn't just this year, this is like a reoccurring trend for us.

We Have No Receivers

Sorry, on this one I can't even attempt to be clever or try to come up with a catchy heading.  Our group of guys are overachieving 3rd stringers.  They have good games, but usually just ok to bad games.  We have nobody who can go out, get open and hold onto the ball when we really need it.  The Bears need to make this a top priority this off season.  Maybe one day Hester will be a number 1, but it won't be this year and it won't be next year.


Why exactly did the Bears go away from  Forte in the second half?  He was the only thing working. Sure, we were down and had to pass more, but the passes we were throwing were only 5 yards down field and the guys weren't catching them or they were getting broken up.  Why not just throw it to Forte?  At least he was trying to get some work done.


I could keep going, but I know ChiFan has some kind words he'd like to get out and I don't want to hog all the glory.  I'm also sure you have some pleasantries you'd like to share.  So is there any good now that the Pack have trashed us? Well, Minnesota lost, so we are still in a 3 way tie for first place in the divison and next week we go to St. Louis where if we can't get some confidence going and get a big win, perhaps we should just pack it in.