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The Quotable Bears takes a night off



Dear Lovie,


I have been a Bears fan my entire life. I distinctly remember watching the Bears as a young boy. We weren’t always successful, but that was ok. I loved watching my team go to battle week after week. However, something’s been different recently. I was excited and impressed with your opening comments after being hired. You wanted to punish the Packers. Those last three words will inspire any Bears fan, especially after a decade of being dominated.


What happened today?


Actually, forget I asked. I’ll answer it myself.


1) You were going up against a tough secondary. It didn’t matter if you had Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, Caleb Hanie, or Henry Burris under center, we were in a hole when we stepped on the field. I refuse to blame you for our passing offense. But, I will blame you for our running game. We gained 83 yards on 20 carries. Really? Their defense is not known as a stout one against the run, and we only gain 83 yards? A drunk monkey would’ve realized he had a popsicle’s chance in hell at legitimately tearing apart Green Bay’s secondary. Either it shows that our offensive line is worse than we thought or we can’t commit to the run. Personally, I think it’s a combination.


2) Waning minute of the second quarter and we’re backed up at our goal line. Remember? This was when either you or Boy Genius decided it’d be a terrific idea to throw the ball. Are you kidding me? Run the damn ball! The worst that happens is Green Bay burns all of their timeouts and we punt. But instead, we punt and they get three points. I have never been so angry with you before.


3) I remember being so proud of our run defense last week. I know that Tennessee torched us through the air, but we sure as hell stopped their rushing attack. Fast forward to today, and we made Ryan Grant look like Walter Payton. They got 200 yards on 38 carries. That is sickening. We couldn’t have stopped Mother Teresa.


4) I'm begging you: Demote Devin Hester and give Danieal Manning the chance to return punts and kickoffs permanently. Hester has to juggle (literally) two positions, and to be quite frank, he sucks at both. I really hate to admit this, because I’m not a big fan of BigBlueShoe, but I think he was right. He’s trying to be cute when he does kickoffs and punts, and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve that deal we gave him at the beginning of training camp. He’s not being the elusive, speedy runner of old. Manning? We know he can do it, and what’s the worse that can happen? He won’t score a touchdown? Hester hasn’t done that this year either, so the shoes aren’t that big to fill. If Manning gets to the 35, that’s a HUGE improvement.


5) I know I blasted you for drafting Forte, but you were right. The kid has heart, along with an arsenal of tools Cedric didn’t and will never have. Even during that fumble for TD, he busted his ass trying to get the Packer. Thank you for drafting him. I'm looking forward to watching him progress.


Some quick thoughts on the season:


1) We are about as consistent as rain. Some games we can throw the ball, other games we couldn’t hit a receiver if Orton was driving a tank. Some games we can stop runners, some (like today) we can’t. Get the team together and do something. Anything. If your voice gets above 20 decibels, bonus points will be awarded.


2) Again, some games I love Ron Turner. After games like today, I think Virginia McCaskey would be better off calling plays.


3) Feeling the heat? A lot of us are calling for your head. I’m not in that camp yet, but you better fire your boy Babich at the end of the season, otherwise we’ll be gunning for yours. And trust me, I will be in that camp if you don’t fire Babich. You may want to rethink that University of Tennessee job if you want to keep Babich around.


4) I hope you’re creating a draft-day wish list. OL, for starters. WR would also be a good position to draft. And any position on D. They can’t play any worse. Plus, maybe they'd play a little harder knowing that they'd actually have to work to keep their spots.


I have been one of your biggest supporters to date. When my Chicago Bears give up during games, it makes me sick. This was a pathetic showing, and you sure as hell better fix it soon. Next week would be a terrific start. Otherwise, you’ll hear voices louder than mine calling for your head.