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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Bears VS. Packers

I almost called this section The Bad, The Bad and The Ugly, but there were a few good things that happened.  Some guys were really out there trying.


Matt Forte.  In what is the Bears only reliable good point, Forte ran for 64 yards with a 4.0 yard average.  The majority of that was in the first half and had the Bears not totally ignored him in the second maybe they would have actually moved the ball.  Forte also had 6 catches for 40 yards.

The Return of Mike Brown.  I commented during the Detroit game that Brown looked like he was returning to form.  Perhaps it had to do with switching his safety spot and getting back to the line.  Brown was everywhere.  He was near the line or on their side of the line quite a bit during this game.  He racked up 6 tackles.

Danieal Manning.  Late in the game the Bears pulled Devin Hester from return duties.  I don't know if was because of lack of production, an apparent lack of focus and direction or just to keep him safe.  Either way Manning replaced him tallied 82 yards on 3 punts.  That was including a return that saw him push the pile for what seemed like 15 yards to go down near the 50.



Bears 3rd down defense.  I know the entire defense should get some of this, but this one is pointing to the fact that the Packers only punted twice the entire game.  That means the Packers either always got the ball on our side of the field or moved it there every time they touched it.  There were a number of 3rd and longs that the Bears allowed the Packers to convert.  Early in the season this was our strong point.  We led the league in not allowing teams to convert on 3rd down, now we can't stop it.

Bears pass defense.  I only give this a bad because there were a number of other things involved here.  The Bears finally didn't let a QB have their season best passing numbers.  Of course that was because of...well lets wait until the Ugly to discuss that.

Receivers. For most of the game Kyle Orton lacked any mobility.  He had to just site back and take the hits.  His receivers did nothing to help him out.  They were rarely open and when Orton did get them the ball in tight spots they dropped it. 


Bears Defensive Line.  Not only did our defensive line not tally a single sack again and not only did they barely even hurry Rodgers all game, they didn't even do their part in stopping the run.  They allowed a season high rushing effort against us allowing Ryan Grant to rush for 147 yards and a GB total of 200 yards.

Lovie Smith.  His lackadaisical attitude is getting off putting.  I don't have a problem with a coach not getting riled and going on a tantrum that creates sound bytes that opposing teams fan blogs use as their motto, but show some emotion.  Don't sugar coat it.   Don't hide it and certainly don't ignore it.  Make it public.  Tell everybody that this team is playing very poorly right now and as a group we have to figure out how to fix it.  The team is already doing it, why not you? 

Bears receivers.  Do I need address this one?  And yes I know I just gave the receivers a Bad and Ugly.  Do you disagree?