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Bears In Race For NFC North

The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are tied atop the NFC North and start a small 6 game schedule.  Lets take a look at each team's remaining schedule.

Chicago Bears

@ St. Louis
@ Minnesota
vs. Jacksonville
vs. New Orleans
vs. Green Bay
@ Houston

Green Bay Packers

@ New Orleans
vs. Carolina
vs. Houston
@ Jacksonville
@ Chicago
vs. Detroit

Minnesota Vikings

@ Jacksonville
vs. Chicago
@ Detroit
@ Arizona
vs. Atlanta
vs. New York Giants

We are at a small disadvantage to start the race having our next two games on the road, however we do have the easiest schedule for the next two games.  We also have an advantage having 3 tough games at home.  GB and Minny both have Detroit, but I think Detroit will get one of those.  I think Minnesota might have the hardest record left and ending against the Giants is brutal unless they are coasting at that point.  The Bears D will get tested even if they can go back to stopping the run.

What is your take on the remaining schedules?