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Orton Out Next 4 Weeks

It could be worse, but not much.  Heading into possibly the toughest portion of our schedule with undefeated Tennessee, divisional rivals Green Bay and Minnesota only a game behind and the only possible easy game though not as easy as it was St. Louis the Bears will be without their newly found offensive star QB Kyle Orton.  Orton will be sidelined for a month with a high ankle sprain.

The Bears will need to rely heavily on their run game to fuel their offense, but that won't be easy.  Opposing teams will be stacking the line to stop the run until Rex Grossman proves he can beat them.  Had Orton been at the helm the Bears could have been a dark horse candidate to stop the Titans win streak.  They had the production on offense, they are tough against the run which is Tennessee's strong suit and they could score from defense and special teams.  Now they may need the scores from those two units just to stay in the game.

The good part is if Grossman and the Bears can win a few and stay in the race Orton will be back at the helm for the last 4 and a run at the playoffs.