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Chicago Bears VS. St. Louis Rams - Game Preview

The Bears and the Rams both trudge their way into this Sunday's game heads down and tails between their legs.  The two teams lost to their  last opponents a combined 72-19.  The Rams are out of any race that exists save for the one for the #1 draft pick and sadly they are two games out of 1st place in that race as well.  The Bears despite their defensive and as of late offensive woes are in a 3 way first place tie with the Packers and Vikings.

Following Suit...

Last week I made a comment about the Bears never being able to take advantage of places they are suppose to take advantage.  Theoretically, the Bears should route the Rams.   The last 4 opponents the Rams have faced (NY Jets, 49ers, Patriots and Cardinals) have outscored the Rams 139-48.  It would be nice to see the Bears go out and do what they are supposed to do.  It would be hard to see the Bears contending for anything if they cannot easily take care of the Rams.

At Least We Have Our Health...

With one more week under his belt and another full week of practice, starting QB Kyle Orton should be ready to go and rebound from his statuesque performance from last week.  The Rams on the other hands are down their two best players.  They have already announced that running back Steven Jackson and future HOF offensive lineman Orlando Pace are out for this game.  Pace will be replaced by Adam Goldberg and they will look to fill Jackson's spot with Antonio Pittman followed by Sam Gado, Travis Minor and Kenneth Darby.

NFL Scores, Schedule and Blog Posts - SB Nation

Us or Them?


Points Scored: Us - 24.0 (10th) Them - 14.4 (30th)

Pass Yards: Us -  206.8 (16th)  Them - 175.1 (28th)

Rush Yards: Us - 107.8 (21st)  Them -95.9 (25th)


Points Allowed: Us - 23.1 (21st)  Them - 31.7 (32nd)

Pass Yards: Us -   249.3 (30th)  Them - 233.7 (24th)

Rush Yards: Us - 87.4 (6th) Them - 158.4 (29th)

That my friends is a tally of 5-1 in our favor.  Sadly, why do I fear it won't play out that way? 


The Bears lead the all time series 48-34-3.  The Bears won their last meeting 42-27.  The Rams won the one prior 23-21.

We Got It

Despite Orton being better off, with a guy like Matt  Forte against a rush defense allowing 158 a game, the Bears should throw Forte at them until he can't move any more or they figure out how to stop him.  Forte is the only player in the league with 3 or more TDs in both the rushing and receiving category.  If the Rams find a way to stop the run, move to the short pass in its place.  Just get the ball into Forte's hands and let him take over this game.  Give Orton an easy week, so he is fresh for the Vikings the next week.

They Got It

Even though the Rams pass game hasn't been much this year, it comes up against a Bears pass defense that cannot stop anybody.  The Rams will likely go to the air early and often.  Torrie Holt and Donnie Avery look to be his two main weapons.  Bulger is still capable of airing it out and Hot of catching and scoring with it.  The Bears should bring every blitz in Babich's book....scratch that Babich's book isn't very thick.   Let's bring every blitz in the first chapter of Philly's book.  Bulger can be rattled and is as fraglie as they come.  Get in his face, put him on the groud every play.  

Gotta Have It

The Bears need to get off to a fast start in their 6 game race for the NFC North.  This is as easy as the games get.  They follow it up with a game against the Vikings.  If they can get out with those two, it could put them in an early lead and leave them with a division record for the season that is no worse than 4-2, but could be 5-1.