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The Quotable Bears (Week Twelve)


Forte deserves some more lovin, so here he is.

I’ve heard both sides of the coin today. I do agree that we can’t take TOO much from this game, but discrediting a 27-3 beatdown isn't smart either. This game was over at halftime. There was no real need to have the guys bust their ass just to put 50 up on the hapless Rams. If they come out with that same fire against Minnesota, we’ll see good results. Overall, I saw a lot of positive things.

Anyways, let’s get to it.

Lovie on the game:

“We talked about setting the tone with physical play, establishing the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football, and we were able to do that today. We talked about getting 'that' back, whatever that is.

Ron Turner on using the Wildcat:

“It was part of the game plan because the looks they give, we thought there were some things that we could do. And he's [Hester] a playmaker. We have to get it in his hands. We didn't last week, and we need to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers.”

Orton on Forte’s performance:

“He had a big game today and the offensive line did a great job opening up holes. He had some really big holes to run through, and then when he got to the second level, he made some great cuts and hit some home runs.”

Orton on the offense’s performance:

“We got on them right away, had a couple big drives to start off the game and went from there. We wanted to open up the playbook today and not be afraid to call anything. We started off with the reverse and it got us going as an offense, and he had some big catches for us as well. The fade that he caught into a pressure look was a real nice route.”

Forte on his performance:

“They [OL] do the dirty work up front. That’s where it starts. Those guys move those big guys up front and I just run through the holes and make somebody miss. If I don’t have any holes to run through, the running game will struggle. They definitely moved the defensive line out of the way today.”

Hester on using the Wildcat:

“Ya'll trying to make me tell our playbook? We just did it this week … here and there. You want us to tell you the plays we're running next week too? Whenever you get more opportunities. you've got to try to step up and make plays.”

Hester on the return gig:

“No, no problem with it [Manning returning] at all. I felt a little more energized, able to run. I wasn't really that tired. At the end of the day, it could be a good thing, especially when you've got another guy capable of taking it the distance. I still want punts, but you never know. You see so many people who start off as a special-teams returner, and when they develop at their position, most likely they get taken off of special teams. I would love to stay at punt returns. But I'm not the coach. I just have to go with the flow.”

Briggs on the game:

“We needed a game like this. We needed a game where things not only went our way, but we were able to do the things we wanted to do. Did it look like we wanted it out there today? I think we definitely did. The energy was there, and we played together.

Mike Brown on his injury:

“We had the game in hand, so I just left. I'm good. (ChiFan’s note: He was joking) Everything's OK. Lower-leg contusion.”

Ogunleye on the game:

“It’s a step in the right direction. After the game last week against Green Bay, this is the reaction you wanted to see. But we’ve got a big game coming up next week against Minnesota, and we’ve got to keep chopping wood.”

Ogunleye on his second sack:

“We've run that all year. I think we run it too much, but it worked today. It's about coming clean. A lot of times the ball has just been out [of the quarterback's hand], and today the ball wasn't out. He was about to throw it, looked away and I was there.”

Quotables from the WCG Game Threads:

“First sack in how many games?” – chibullsfan03

“Who is 67, Beekman? Comes around the end with a sea of blue ahead of him and he hits no one. Wtg?” – tempchad

“Kerry Collins: 2/10 for 15 yards….now he comes back to reality” – tfrabotta

“Hester is worthless on returns” – mike b

“Rams must be making a documentary on how to do everything wrong” – beardown (Quote of the Week)

“We humbly accept the Rams’ stupidity” - tfrabotta