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Not The Story Kevin Jones Had Hoped For

This is probably the easiest decision Kevin Jones every had to make.  In the offseason when looking for a team to sign with and show of that he is still a premiere runner, the Bears were an ideal situation.  They had let go of their incumbent starter, Cedric Benson, and were now going into the season with a rookie as the starter.  Jones eyes probably go all wide and maybe a bit of drool hit the floor.  Then the Bears signed him to a one year deal.  Even better.  Now he can prove he can still run and then go out and get a big contract.  

Now on the back half of the season he isn't even being activated.  It was a question I was looking for two weeks ago, when Adrian Peterson came in when the game got out of hand and then again last week AP came in to relieve Forte in a blow out game.

The reason is the Bears felt the need to devote extra man power to the special teams, so Jones was deactivated and Peterson took over the backup job.

''Every game we go into it saying we want to spell Matt a little bit, give him a break,'' Turner said. ''It's been Kevin. And now it's Adrian. That's not a knock on Kevin at all. It's more of numbers that we can dress on special teams. We all love A.P. We all believe Kevin Jones can play, too. We have to go with who's up.''

Matt Forte is our workhorse and he will continue to be until this season is over.  He is the most important part of our offense.  He is going to be on the field the majority of the time, so whether its Jones or Peterson it doesn't really matter, so long as they don't screw up on their few touches.