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Nathan Vasher, Out For Season?

This season has been a bad break figuratively for Nathen Vasher.  His coverage skills have been put into question.  He has been getting replaced by Corey Graham, a bigger and stronger corner and he has had his share of injuries.

Now the bad break is a literal problem.  Vasher is out for an indefinite amount of time,  possibly for the entire season.  He has fractured his right wrist and re-injured his right thumb.

This is a huge knock to our secondary.  Even if Vasher is not the #2 cornerback, he would be a very good nickel or #3 back.  With passing teams like Green Bay, New Orleans and Houston on the horizon if he isn't able to play the Bears will be even more susceptibleto the pass, if that is possible.


First reported by: Bear_Down and further by Chanman25