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Bears News and Notes - 11/04/08

*** It is a bit strange.  At the beginning of the season many were yelling that if the Bears went with  Grossman he would suck and the Bears would lose and that Orton was our only chance.  Now that Grossman has to start it seems that just as many say the Bears are not that bad off.  Yesterday, on NFL Live Trent Dilfer laid a heaping helping of credit on QB Coach Pep Hamilton and his ability to get QBs focused and in the best condition to win.  This article voices a similar opinion that this incarnation of Grossman is different.

...but what I liked seeing as an analyst and former player was the way he threw the football, and the touchdown-winning drive that he led. If you watched nothing else in the game, you should have seen Rex rear back and sling the football. The last time we saw Rex was in the preseason, crumbling under pressure and throwing off his back foot - usually to the other team. The deep ball he threw to Devin Hester (although overthrown) showed that Rex has nothing to lose. He isn't the starting quarterback, isn't going to take the job away from Orton, so why not take some chances and throw the football down the field? In my eyes, this is a different quarterback, a backup quarterback who is playing with a chip on his shoulder. He is not competing against Caleb Hanie. It is Rex's job now and he knows it. In saying this, expect Rex, who already has played meaningful games in this offense (unlike most backup quarterbacks in the league), to take the playbook and run with it.

Obviously, all we have to do is wait a week.  We will know soon enought what we have.  If Grossman is able to run this team against the Titans maybe we have something.

*** More recent reports suggest that Orton doesn't have any torn ligaments and doesn't even have a high ankle sprian. 

Reports that Orton will be out at least a month with a right ankle injury have been exaggerated. A source said Orton doesn't have a high ankle sprain and won't miss four weeks or more, and the team is waiting to see how his ankle responds before getting a better idea about what's expected to be a shorter recovery time.

*** Craig Steltz is one of the most improved players since the close of camp.  Good thing, because we are going to need him with Brown down.

''If Craig doesn't make the interception, who knows,'' coach Lovie Smith said. ''You need your free safety to make some plays like that. Craig did a lot of good things. He's been paying attention, ready for his opportunity, and it was good to see him make plays like that.''

*** Urlacher takes offense to the fans booing Grossman.

"We've got a quarterback who comes in off the bench and leads us to a victory, and they boo him right out of the gate," he said. "Poor guy. Lucky for him he's resilient and he came back and led us to two scoring drives. But man, it's tough."