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3 Reasons The Bears Could Win....Maybe

This came looks scary enough if Kyle Orton wasn't banged up. Now it looks even worse and no disrespect is meant to Rex Grossman.  This article lists three things that might help the Bears if they are to be able to get the win.

1. Teams have run the ball on the Titans—the Packers, Ravens and Texans have gone above 100 yards rushing—and the Bears are coming off a strong 154-yard effort on the ground against the Lions led by rookie Matt Forte.

2. The play-action passing game plays to Grossman's strength. If the running game doesn't work, Grossman could panic and be forced into mistakes. But if the Bears force the Titans to respect the run, it will help because Grossman has had more success throwing downfield after good play fakes — and he shouldn't be as rusty.

With this second one, I don't think confusing Rex is my biggest concern, it is keeping him from being hurt.  Our offensive line has shown at times the ability to keep our QBs jersey clean.  However, they have also shown at times that they can't stop anybody.  If the Bears line cannot stop Haynesworth and the boys this could be a long or very short day for Grossman.