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Team Schedules and Player Notes

Wcg_bullet_medium Here is the remaining schedules (in bold) of the teams that are currently looking to make the playoffs as a wild card team.

1. Tampa Bay (9-4, 8-3 in NFC): at Atlanta (8-5), vs. San Diego (5-8) vs. Oakland (3-10)

2. Dallas (8-5, 6-4 in NFC): vs. NY Giants (11-2), vs. Baltimore (9-4), at Philadelphia (7-5-1)

3. Atlanta (8-5, 5-4 in NFC): vs. Tampa Bay (9-4), at Minnesota (8-5), vs. St. Louis (2-11)

4. Philadelphia (7-5-1, 6-4 in NFC): vs. Cleveland (4-9), at Washington (7-6), vs. Dallas (8-5)

5. Bears (8-6, 6-5 in NFC): vs. Green Bay (5-8), at Houston (6-7)

6. Washington (7-6, 6-4 in NFC): at Cincinnati (1-11-1), vs. Philadelphia (7-5-1), vs. San Francisco (5-8)

7. New Orleans (7-7, 4-6 in NFC): at Detroit (0-13), vs. Carolina (10-3)

Wcg_bullet_medium The Bears placed Garrett Wolfe on the IR.  Wolfe is one of the most argued about players on the Bears team.  From whether he has any use at all to whether he is just misused.  Either way he has become a valuable component of the special teams.

Wcg_bullet_medium With a spot open with Wolfe going to IR, the Bears again worked on boosting their special teams by signing Gilbert Gardner.  Gardner was on the Indy team that beat the Bears in the Super Bowl.  Two seasons ago he was second on the Titans is special team tackles.

Wcg_bullet_medium Some post game info if you wanted it.  Matt Toeina was on the active roster for the first time.  The inactives were 3rd QB Caleb Hanie, WR Devin Aromashodu, RB Garrett Wolfe, FB Jason McKie, G Terrence Metcalf, WR Brandon Rideau,
WR Marty Booker and DE Ervin Baldwin.

Wcg_bullet_medium  News of the Absurd.  A little late, but did everybody catch Cedric Benson's statement about Matt Forte's success?

"He is having a great year, but when I see the highlights, I see holes," Benson said to Cincinnati reporters. "I see them using him in the slot, something they didn't do with me. If I was there right now with the holes I see, I'd probably have 1,800 yards right now. I definitely would have 1,500 by now. I congratulate him on all of his success. He is taking advantage."

This is a good reason to add to the why Benson will never be successful and Forte is.  Attitude.  Benson is always looking to place the blame on someone else.  TJ AND Benson had success the year prior to Benson taking over.  Forte is having success now.  Does he really think our offensive line just took a year off and is playing lights out now?  I think not.  That line needs major overhauling this offseason.  The Bears need to spend some FA money brining in replacements for some and good compention for others.  Tait and Kreutz may have been great during their heyday, but they are starting to slip.