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From The Mouths of the MSM - 12/16/2008



Wcg_bullet_medium Since 1990 only 5 teams with a 10-6 record have missed the playoffs, but that could be facing this year assuming they win out.  The Bears have a long road ahead, but all they can do is get ready for next week

Wcg_bullet_medium Devin Hester and Danieal Manning have been through a lot this season.  From getting benched to working three different positions to learning new ones, but both seem to think they are rounding that corner.

Wcg_bullet_medium If you recall Bears receiver Rashied Davis came to us from the Arena League.  The league recently canceled their upcoming season due to the economic situation the country is  in.  Obviously, Davis is bummed.  I think it is because with the way he has been catching of late, he though we was going to need it as a fall back job this off season.


Wcg_bullet_medium The Bears decided that Bernard Berrian wasn't worth the money he was asking and maybe he still is not, but now he is on a team that holds their own destiny and is making a run to the playoffs.

Wcg_bullet_medium The Original Adrian Peterson is trying to make the most of his new found opportunity as the Bears backup running back.


Wcg_bullet_medium With the Bears playoff hopes looking bleak it is easy to look back on the ones that got away.

Wcg_bullet_medium There was a point where we thought for once the Bears were not going to go into the off season having to deal with the quarterback position, but with the last few games Kyle Orton has posted, that doesn't seem to be the case any longer.