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Help Me Lance Briggs, You're Our Only Hope!

So we aren't that far from getting the official Pro Bowl balloting results.  While out best player may be Matt Forte with the likes of Adrian Peterson, Brandon Jacobs, Clinton Portis, Michael Turner and Deangelo Williams in the same conference he isn't going unless a lot of inuries happen.

The Bears best chance for a straight up Pro Bowl selection rests with Lance Briggs.  The same guy who almost got away from us...twice is the only guy we have worth a selection.

In the fan vote nobody on the Bears ranked anywhere.  Hester and Urlacher were on some lists, but not high enough to matter.

The writers of picked their selections.  For the OLB selections 3 of the 5 writers had Briggs in their list.

Lb_mediumBriggs isn't the only guy who gets some love from the writers.  Robbie Gould and surprisingly Danieal Manning both get a nom for kicker and kick returner.

St_medium So the topic is not to you.  Make a case for any Chicago Bear player to make the Pro Bowl.