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Briggs Makes Pro Bowl

The Detroit Lions are 0-14, the  Chicago Bears are 8-6.  While I admit that we aren't the best or most solid team, I'd like to think with the difference of record that unlike the Bears we could get a player(s) into the Pro Bowl.  But the Bears have been marred by inconsistent play at about every position, except OLB where Lance  Briggs has put together a fantastic season.

Briggs was named to his 4th straight Pro Bowl.  He leads the Bears in tackles with 122 tackles.

Though the only one selected straight up, Briggs could have some company dending on injuries.

First Alternates:  Tommie Harris

Second Alternates: Brad Maynard,  Olin Kreutz, Greg Olsen

Third Alternates: Brian Urlacher, Devin Hester

Full NFC roster here

Full AFC roster here.