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Orton Needs Big Games To Lock Up Spot For Next Year

Ron Jaworski is a polarizing figure. I recall most people enjoyed him when he was on the film breakdown show with Merrill Hoge, but since he has left and joined Monday Night Football I have heard some backlash go his way. Whether you like him or now, he is fairly well regarded when it comes down the Xs and Os of football. Jaws had time to watch every snap he took this season in preperartion for this Monday's Bears/Packers game and in an interview he was asked if he thought the Bears should commit long term to him.

His answer was simply...No. He followed it up with, "but they might", but the point is there.

Orton is borderline right now. There will be a few guys out there who might be better options for the Bears, I know a lot of people are high on Matt Cassell. If Orton wants to keep his job it would serve him well to end the season with two big games. If he can beat the Bears hated rival and then play well against a surging Houston team it might be enough to get him a longer stay in Chicago.