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Green Bay Packers VS. Chicago Bears - Preview

The last time the Bears and Packers met the stars were aligned for the Bears.  The Packers were coming off of two straight losese (Tennessee, Minnesota), they were a mess, they couldn't stop the run if you spotted them the R and U and their run game was anemic.  The Packers proceded to run all over us, stuff our run at every turn and dominate the game in every aspect. The Pack unleased a 37-3 win full of fury and all around ass kickery.

This time things once again line up for the Bears.  The Packers are a steaming pile of mess right now.  After being in the race for the division the Packers lost their last 4 (New Orleans, Carolina, Houston and Jacksonville), they again cannot stop anybody and are back to not running the ball.

This game is riddled with importance and side stories that make it a must win for the Bears.  The most pressing item is that if Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Dallas don't go out and win their games, we are still in the race for the playoffs, but it is more than that. This game is about pride.  Coach Lovie Smith has owned the Packers since coming to Chicago and this previous lose must have hurt on levels too deep to convey even it Smith said anything meaningful.  The Bears need to puff up their chests, man up and take care of business.  

This game is also about jobs. The Bears have a lot of players and positions that they will have to make decisions on this off season.  They have two games left to make an impression.  Could you imagine if they come out and lay an egg in a game like this?  The whole lot of them should be fired.  And what better stage to have it on.

The Windy City VS. the Frozen Tundra in Soldier Field with articesque conditions going head to head on Monday Night.

The Packers are 21st in the league in rushing with 109.2 per game.  The Bears are 7th in the league allowing only 93.1 per game.

The Bears are a tenth of a yard better than the Pack rushing for 109.3 yards per game, but the Pack give up 138.2. 

In a game that should be decided on the ground, the Bears should have a decided advantage.  Of course, I have been silly enough to think something like that before.

Devin Hester is not likely to get the calls he got against the Saints, since the Packers secondary is well....good.  To win this game the Bears need to force a heavy dose of Forte,  Clark and Olsen at the Packers.  If they can get these guys the ball, it will force mismatches and the Bears can then try to get Hester down the field.

Overall, the Bears have no reason to not win this game. If they can't it shows a lack of determination, focus, coaching and heart.  None of which bodes well for the Bears moving forward.