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Dusty Dvoracek, Out For Season

Wait!  Haven't I already written that post before?   Why yes, I did.  In fact I have done it two times (here and here).  Perhaps I need to create a category for it, so I can reference it again.

For the thrid striaght year, Dusty Dvoracek has ended his season in the injured reserve.  During the Vikings game,  Dvoracek ruptured his right bicep muscle.

“Losing Dusty is big,” said defensive lineman Israel Idonije. “He’s a great player for us on the inside. He does a lot of great things and we’re going to miss his play. Someone has to step up and fill that role.”

Typically at ths point I would question whether the Bears would keep Dvoracek.  He obviously has issues staying healthy and with next year being the last in his rookie contract, they might just cut him loose.  However, this is the team that still has Rex Grossman and Mike Brown on their roster.

Marcus Harrison and Anthony Adams are most likely to rotate turns at replacing Dvoracek.