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Momentum Switch?

Since one first time poster wanted the Bears scenario written out I will oblige now that there is one.  

To win division:

1) Bears win against the Packers

2) Bears win next week against Houston

3) Vikings lose next week against the Giants


To win a wild card spot:

1) Bears win against the Packers

2) Bears win next week against Houston

3) Tampa lose against Oakland

4) Dallas lose against Philly

In the past in these situations, I am used to the hating on the Bears.  Everybody has always assumed the Bears couldn't get it done.  Even on our run to the Super Bowl a few year's back, almost nobody expected us to beat New Orleans.  In their defense why would you pick the Bears?  Half the time we had no QB, no RB, no Line and no receivers. Now we kind have a QB, no line, no receivers and maybe no RB if Forte cannot go tonight.  Plus this time we don't have a dominate defense, yet people seem to think the Bears can pull it off.

Even though the Bears got lamblasted by the Packers last week, all the 'experts' as well as the Accuscore have the Bears winning tonight.

To add on to that yesterday Trent Dilfer and Mark Schlareth thought the Bears would win the division.

Two reasons: One, I just know the Vikings' history of sliding toward the end of December," he said. "They have a great opportunity to erase that history, but they have a tough road against the Falcons and Giants.

"And I think the Bears are playing better. I think this is a dangerous game Monday night against Green Bay, but the Bears are playing some of their better football."

Ron Jaworski while not willing to pick the Bears does think they have a decided advantage in their remaining two games.

"First, those are two defenses that they match up well against offensively," he said. "They can run against both teams, and they can use their intermediate passing game.Kyle [Orton] throws from 8 to 18 yards down the field pretty well. He has done a good job managing those situations.

And surprise, surprise, Dilfer thinks the Bears defense will be the key ingredient.

"And then defensively, they can put pressure on the passer," Dilfer continued. "Obviously if they take away Greg Jennings (Packers) and take away Andre Johnson (Texans) … you can't let those guys work down the field. The Bears do a good job of breaking down pass protection. Yes, they'll give up some yards, but I don't know if they'll get gashed like some of the others teams have against those two offenses."

I guess the point here is that I am not used to people giving us credit when we hada  pretty good team, now we have a radically inconsistent team and people seem to be our side.