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Bears Alive....Somehow?, Beat Packers in OT 20-17

A blue and orange dressed Santa Claus just gave a golden football to little baby Jesus.  That is how lucky and unlikely it was for the Bears should leave Soldier Field with a win and it is the very reason they keep putting the Bears on TV.  The Bears are incapable of just beating a team.  When Kyle Orton took the field for the first drive of overtime, I told my wife he would throw an interception, the Packer who picked it would fumble it and then a Bears player would pick it up and return it for a TD and I felt I had good odds of that happening.

Do you remember the old Super Fan SNL bits? Where Farley's character kept having minor heart attacks? That is what it is like to be watching a Bears game.

The Bears defense and special teams did everything humanly possible to win this game and Kyle Orton and the offense, but mostly Orton tried to give it away.

Our offense sucks.  It has sucked, does suck and will suck.  It mostly sucks, always sucks, doth sucketh.  It ubersucks, continues to suck, sucks on monumental levels and sucks massively.  It sucks on the North Pole, South Pole and in most South American countries.

The Bears have to address every position on offense with the exception of RB and TE.

If the Bears enter training camp with Kyle Orton as the number 1 and do not have a legitimate competition or do not outright have a new QB (Grossman and Hanie are not legitimate competition), it is a complete indictment of Bears management and ownership.  It is Lovie Smith's fault for not arguing long enough with Jerry Angelo.  It is Angelo's fault for not being able to properly evaluate offensive positions and it is ownerships fault for letting Smith and/or Angelo continue to make horrible decisions at the QB position.

Angelo needs to be putting every possible offensive free agent and available player in his speed dial.  Yes, it would be nice to go after Albert Haynesworth and some secondary help, but they have to address the offense.

I don't care how unlikely any of these situations are all of the agents for these players need to at least be contacted.


Donovan McNabb
Matt Cassel

Anquan Boldin
T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Plaxico Burress
Devery Henderson
Plus a host of solid #2 receivers

Matt Birk
Marc Columbo(go figure)
Mike Goff
Jordan Gross
There are also a list of second tier line players that we need to look at

When the offensive coordinator takes the ball out of your hands in crunch time, it means you are not the guy we need to take this team to the next level.

So hopefully you didn't eat any seven layer chilli cheese dip otherwise I don't envy the heartburn this game may have given you, but if you are still up try to give me your thoughts on what the hell just happened.