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Houston To Go With Bench Play?

I know that the Houston Texans are out of the playoff race, but I have say this is a bit unexpected.  Apparently Texans Coach, Gary Kubiak, believes in community soccer rules that all guys get to play.

Because there is no postseason, the Texans might shake up their rotation Sunday so they can see players who haven’t been given much of an opportunity this year. Kubiak said all of that is being discussed. He made it clear his priority is to win.

“We talked about that a little bit upstairs a while ago,” Kubiak said, “but we have a game to win, so we’ll do whatever we think is best to beat Chicago.”

Obviously, I don't expect the Texans to clear their bench, but it doesn't take much.  One CB or LB that hasn't played a lot missing one tackle that leads to a TD could decide the game.